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Examples of use

Some RunAs Professional usage samples:

You can use RunAs Professional in a wide range of cases. Here are some examples:

If you have an application that runs only with admin rights, but your users do not have them, you can use RunAs Professional to start only this application with the needed credentials. You just have to create a crypted RAP-File. The user has only to doublecklick on this file an the application is started under the given user with more rights. After the user closes this application he will loose the higher rights.
The credentials are only valid for the process wich is started by RunAs Professional (and sub-processes!!).

Your support team does often have to connect to the computers of your users in the company with a remote software like vnc, pc anywhere ... In order to make sure that your support staff can do some changes on the user's computer without closing all running applications and logoff / logon with an user which has more rights, you can build some different RAP-Files wich are stored in a common folder on a network share. Your support staff only has to doubleclick on the specified RAP-File which starts the Windows Explorer or the Control Panel with admin rights.

Even RunAs Professional could be used in (logon-) scripts to execute some special applications / patches with admin rights.

If you have employes wich have a laptop and are not connected to your network you could distribute CD-ROMS to them wich contains the latest updates and softwarepackages. The applications / updates could be installed with admin-rights directly from CD in unatteded mode (the update / application has to provide an unattended or silent mode).

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