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2010-04-06 - Version 3.6.5
Windows 7 und Windows Vista Support.

2007-04-25 - Version 3.6.4
Fixed problem of handling some commandline arguments when saving the rap file directly.

2006-01-23 - Version 3.6.2
CRC-Check did not work when no parameters have been used. Fixed.

2005-12-17 - Version 3.6.1
CRC-Check function reported not correct CRC when using commandline parameters without / or -
This Problem has been fixed with this version.

2005-07-26 - Version 3.6.0
New Feature: CRC32 Checksum. This option prevents the replacement of a file executed by RunAs Professional.

2004-09-15 - Version 3.5.1
The handling of commandline parameters wich contained '-' has been fixed.

2004-08-18 - Version 3.5.0
New features have been implemented in this version:
- Support for NetOnly
- Save and create a rap-file from the commandline.
Additionally we did some small bugfixes.

2004-06-03 - Version 3.3.4
The problem of handling " characters in the commandline has been fixed.

2004-04-23 - Version 3.3.3
Now you can use environment variables in the
Example: %windir%\notepad.exe

2003-11-10 - Version 3.3.2
BugFix: Error with 'Login with Profile' in RAP-Files has been fixed.

2003-11-05 - Version 3.3.1
RunAs Professional now supports starting RAP-Files from commandline including environment variables in the path to the rapfile.
Example: runasp.exe %userprofile%test.rap

2003-22-09 - Version 3.3.0
Changes on the registration process had been done. Company Licenses should now work on different OS 32BIt languages (Chinese, Japanese etc.).

2003-16-09 - Version 3.2.0
We have fixed some commandline parameter handling problems and did some minor bugfixes.
Now runasp could start programs with switches directly. It should look like this:
runasp.exe /user:xxx /password:xxx /domain:xxx /command:"cmd.exe /c dir /s /p /t >c:test.dat"

2003-09-06 - Version 3.1.3
Bugfix: RunAsP Crashed on japanese Win-Systems.

2003-06-21 - Version 3.1.2
The ChangeLog was created to make our development on RunAs Professional transparent.
RunAs Professional was extended with the following Function:
Now you can choose the program you would like to launch. Click on the button [...] to open the 'open-Dialog'.

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